Sheridan's Spy Master: "Harry" Young


Feb 20, 2005
I have only recently read about this man in The Cavalry at Appomattox by Longacre.

After the confederate disaster Namozine Church on April 3, 1865, the confederates streamed rearward.

"Those retreating down the cousins's Road included General Barringer and members of his staff. For a time, it appeared that the little band had outdistanced their pursuers. Near Poplar Hill Church, the brigadier and his party finally drew rein. Nearby he happened upon a group of grayclad riders who claimed to be members of the 9th virginia, Beal's brigade, Ronny Lee's division. They proposed to join the new arrivals in trying to locate Fitz Lee, but soon after the search began, they suddenly dropped their disguises, trained their pistols on barringer and company, and identified themselves as Sheridan's scouts. One Of the group revealed himself to be "Harry" Young."

Sheridan's Scouts were the elits of the cavalry, and often did spy work and scouting. Their ranks had dwindled by this time, due to comrades being captured and hung.

Later that Week, Sheridan, after capturing Lee's request for rations at Jetersville, sent Young and his men, in disguise, to the apointed location witht he dispatches. Sheridan wanted to those rations for his men. The ruse worked and the rations were on the way, until a confederates in Lynchburg, or somewhere along the line, were informed that the destination of the trains was or would be in Union hands by the time of their arrival.

This is only a short part of the Scout's story, and im sure there is more interesting parts of it. I would like to read any info on them.