Share your "bad history" questions from events or reenactments

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Brev. Brig. Gen'l
Retired Moderator
Dec 31, 2009
Smack dab in the heart of Texas
Not sure if this comes under mansplaining or rotten living history--but the maddest I've ever been was looking at a nice uniform jacket (hand-made, good fabric, etc.) hanging on a tent at Fort Concho when this yahoo comes up and starts telling me all about uniforms. Ahem. Not only have I been trained by the best--@Tin cup, @James C. and others--but I have a degree in Home Economics, which means I took Textiles classes and tailoring and....:cautious: I kept trying to nicely tell him I knew what I was looking for, but no. So, I wandered off and didn't buy it. Next, he shows up at another event (Texas is really a small place in many ways), and starts telling me why something....I tuned him off and walked away (my poor husband is too dang nice!). Third time I ran into him was a local event....and he started in on the whole Lost Cause whys and wherefores--the war was all over economics and not slavery, etc. :stomp: After THAT encounter, my husband even got irritated with him, and he's the nicest guy ever. My uncharitable comment as we walked away is that I could have used Forrest's saber and that I'd find one if I got cornered by the guy again.

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