Seventeen Dead Horses

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JPK Huson 1863

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Feb 14, 2012
Central Pennsylvania
Please don't stop! It's a great thread. And too funny, Sickles was a walking tall tale. You wonder if Longstreet was waiting for a modest rebuttal when telling the guy his idiotic move had broken up an attack. Really, how did he keep a straight face?

We girls only get prone to making stuff up when their children aren't around. You raise them to be honest citizens then it turns out to not have been a good plan.

Northern Light

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Jul 21, 2014
Hah !

There's nothing wrong with embellishing 'a tale' . . . when everyone understands that's what it is and it's for entertainment.

But I had an Uncle ( World II Vet that outright lied).
Don't get me wrong, I loved him to death, and he was a character in his own right.

He did return from the War permanently injured.

And he had to walk with crutches from 1944 until his death a few years ago. He always claimed he had been shot in the leg during an amphibious landing somewhere in the South Pacific. Then the truth came out.

He was injured in an accident on his troopship no where near a combat zone.

Seems he was standing underneath a 1000 pound net of potatoes, when the hoist cable snapped.


I'm not laughing at his injuries at all . . . only his story about how he saw the eyes of the Japanese soldier up close . . . before he was shot on the beach.

Much better story than being injured by potatoes.

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