Seven (7) Oversize Bachelder Maps Available Again


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Jul 20, 2010
Thank you for all the interest and reminders!

THE BACHELDER GETTYSBURG MAPS ARE UP ON OUR SITE! You can pre-order now, info below. (Printing 500 sets, and 350+ are gone already.)

1. July 1, 1863: The First Day's Battle
2. July 2, 1863: The Second Day's Battle
3. July 3, 1863: The Third Day's Battle
4-5. July 3, 1863: Stuart's Confederate and Gregg's Union Cavalry at Gettysburg (2 large maps on one oversize page)
6-7. July 3, 1863: Stuart's Confederate and Gregg's Union Cavalry at Gettysburg (2 large maps on one oversize page)

ABOUT: John Bachelder himself prepared these oversize maps to accompany his work, and editors David and Audrey Ladd added the grids and numbers to match Bachelder's work and included the information in his footnotes used in The Bachelder Papers, 3 vols. (Savas Beatie, 2020) and John Bachelder's History of the Battle of Gettysburg (2021).

SPECIFICATIONS: The originals were printed on thin paper. We improved them significantly. Each oversize sheet (approx. 36 x 28 inches) is:

1. Printed in black and white with fade-resistant ink.
2. 100 lb. quality acid-free paper with a nice matte finish.
3. Each set is shrink-wrapped
4. Shipped to you in a solid tube.
5. No payment until they arrive (late March).

PRE-ORDER NOW: We promised to keep the price as low as possible as a way to say thank you for all your support. Price is only $39.95 (+ $5.00 shipping).

Just let us know you are interested. Send us an email: [email protected], or call us at 916-941-6896 (leave message if you miss us!)

BOTTOM LINE: If you like detailed maps put together by the MAN himself, where HE believed all the units were after talking and writing with the veterans, these are for you. You can study them to your heart's content. If you want to read The Papers or Bachelder's Gettysburg history slowly and carefully and follow along on his maps, these are for you. I have been known to lay one the floor and study them. But I'm a nerd for this stuff. I have also seen a few of these framed on walls. Lovely. :smile:

If you don't care about maps that much or are content opening an atlas with someone else's to follow along more generally, then you don't need these.

Thanks again,

Ted Savas
Savas Beatie