Period Sept. National Chicken Month-2 Recipes!

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Jul 12, 2007
Aledo, IL

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Fried Chickens
From “The Virginia Housewife”, By Mary Randolph, 1860

Cut them up as for the fricassee, dredge them well with flour, sprinkle them with salt, put them into a good quantity of boiling lard, and fry them a light brown; fry small pieces of mush and a quantity of parsley nicely picked, to be served in the dish with the chickens; take half a pint of rich milk, add to it a small bit of butter, with pepper, salt, and chopped parsley; stew it a little, and pour it over the chickens, and then garnish with the fried parsley.

Chicken Pudding, A Favorite Virginia Dish
From “The Virginia Housewife”, By Mary Randolph, 1860

Beat ten eggs very light, add to them a quart of rich milk, with a quarter of a pound of butter melted, and some pepper and salt; stir in as much flour as will make a thin good batter; take four young chickens, and after cleaning them nicely, cut off the legs, wings, &c. put them all in a sauce pan, with some salt and water, and a bundle of thyme and parsley, boil them till nearly done, then take the chicken from the water and put it in the batter pour it in a dish, and bake it; send nice white gravy in a boat.
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Sep 28, 2013
My Granny made the best.
All of our Grans made the best !


Seriously though, I hope there are no arguments about the recent chicken sandwich wars in the States.



Dec 30, 2016
Manassas VA
Chicken is about the only meat I eat on a regular basis since it's still reasonable in price. You can do just about anything with it. Chicken wings???? A waste of $ IMO. Least amount of meat/most amount of skin per piece and the cost for a big package per pound is ridiculous. It's like lobster.

Best bang for the buck is a whole bird when on sale for like .99 a lb. Clean it up good, put a beer can up its rear end and roast it standing up over indirect charcoal on your Weber kettle grill for 2 hours and you have a nice meal. Or roast it your oven however you prefer. They do get greasy due to the fat, I always use a drip pan of some sort under them.

Happy Chicken month!!!!!