Second Winchester (Gettysburg Campaign)


Apr 25, 2021
Yes, thank you for noting this. I am a member and have contributed. We need more people to contribute because Winchester is one of the most important historic sites and is one of the most endangered.

It is important to me for personal reasons as well. My mother's ancestor, Samuel Stuckey, and his Regiment, the 2nd VA Infantry, captured my father's grandfather, George E Yingling, of Milroy's Div., and many of his Regiment, the 87th PA Infantry, on June 15, 1863 at the Second Battle of Winchester. Then George was back, in the 1st Bgd., 3rd Div., 6th Corps, with Sheridan's army, on September 19, 1864 for the Third Battle of Winchester.

Winchester is making a valiant effort to progress economically, and tourism is a huge part of that. They have the lovely cobblestone, Loudoun Street of shops downtown, the beautiful Glen Burnie Garden's and Museum of the Shennandoah Valley, and many other little museums. The Stonewall Jackson's Headquarters Museum and the George Washington's Office Museum are there. And, of course, there are many other Civil War related places to visit, including, the Star Fort and Fort Collier sites being managed by the Shenandoah Valley Battlefield Association, the Stonewall Cemetery, and the many self guided tours of the many battlefields in the area.

Thank you for this post and I hope we can generate more interest in saving as much land as we can in the Winchester area!


Aug 28, 2020
Winchester is a great city with a lot of Civil War history. It managed to keep its history after last Summer. Unless people vote with their feet and wallets I fear the kind of destruction that hit other parts of Virginia. Development is great, but localities should never forget where they came from.