Second Texas Cavalry at Palmito Ranch - whose the expert?

Jeff in Ohio

Oct 17, 2015
I've gotten a very interesting Remington Old Model Army .44 percussion revolver I believe is marked as a souvenir of the last battle of the War, the fight at Palmito Ranch in Texas in May 12-13, 1865, a month after Lee's surrender in Virginia. The serial number is in the range of those issued to Co. C of the 2nd Texas Cavalry (Union), but my belief it is a souvenir of this battle is based on the inscriptions on the inside flats of the grips. One grip flat has in pencil the date "May 12, 1865", and two words, I think a location. The second of the two words is Texas and the first word might be Wamberg, but that's not clear. I'll see if I can get some magnified photos and post them.
But my question now is can you identify for me the person or persons most knowledgeable about this battle of Palmito Ranch? I figure they might well recognize this place name from their familiarity with the location
The Second Texas Cavalry had 31 men captured, and I am sure their Remington revolvers were taken from them at that time.