Searching for Black Confederates by Kevin Levin

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Dec 3, 2019
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The problem is that you're trying to nail down a rigid doctrine, rather than accepting that it's a generalized bias. AshleyMel has already said that there is a variety of opinions.

If someone asked me to define the specific guidelines as to what a Packer fan has to believe, I couldn't do that either... If I said you have believe that "Bart Starr was the greatest Packer QB of all time," some would agree and some would laugh and some would get angry.

Pro-Confederate means a bias towards the the confederate side of the Civil War. It can mean believing the war was not about slavery. It can mean believing Lincoln tricked the confederates into shooting first. It can mean believing that all slaves were happy and loyal. And it can mean none of these, but some completely different pro-confederate things.

Pro-Confederate bias is a generalized bias that encompasses any opinions which are slanted towards the Confederacy. That's the best I can do to define it.
The problem is that I don't recognize that it is in fact a generalized bias. Your last sentence and definition are far to general for me and could me absolutely anything in any given context. Also I would like to think that someone capable of intelligent debate would not consider JUST the idea that the war was not about slavery or Lincoln orchestrating the Confederates to shoot first -- There is a great deal of context to both of those examples that might, or might not argue for a pro-Confederate slant. My only question is who sets the standards by which one would meet the threshold of being "pro-Confederate" depending on the context of said answer.
To me it would be like someone asking: "Do you think the South was right?" or "Should the South rise again?" or some other disambiguous question with no intrinsic meaning given the context of the one asking the question.

Oh and for the record Bart Starr IS the greatest Packer QB of all time. :smile:


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Of the 52 who gave Levin a five star review at Amazon - only 27 actually bought the book