"Savage State"


Sergeant Major
Aug 5, 2011
Released in January, but according to IMDB (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8770976/) this movie actually dates back to 2019.

Per Roger Ebert -

The time is 1863 and French settler Edmond (Bruno Todeschini) is living a genteel upper-class life in Missouri with his wife, Madeline (Constance Dollé) and their three daughters: the headstrong Esther (Alice Isaaz), the sickly Abigaelle (Maryne Bertieaux), and Justine (Déborah François), who has dedicated her life to helping to care for Abigaelle. The Civil War is raging and while it's the official policy of Napoleon III that French settlers in America take a neutral position on the conflict, the arrival of the Union Army in town makes that increasingly difficult. When a local dance goes violently wrong after Esther refuses to dance with a thuggish Union soldier, Edmond decides that enough is enough and that he and the family, along with their emancipated maid Layla (Armelle Abibou), are going to take the next boat back to France.


VARIETY's review is less than complimentary https://variety.com/2021/film/reviews/savage-state-review-1234894267/


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Apr 18, 2019
I just read a book that took place in Missouri during the War and it was indeed savage there. It would be interesting to see this film.