Saltville Massacre Oct. 1864

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Virginia Dave

Jan 3, 2019
Waynesboro, Virginia
I really hate to jump in after you have spke so well but I was in Saltville in 04 and visited thier small musuem. I bought Blue Grass Confederate The headquarters Diary of Edward O Guerrant. Returning from Charleston West Virginia Book fair I was asked if I had the time to research a certain group that was to have fought under the Black Flag. As doing this of course I visited many descendents of the Saltville fight. As you mentioned there are many view points but it did happen. the appaling aspect is that they hung wounded soldiers no matter the color however they were black. In speaking with a few people I deserned still a bitter attitude after all these years of perhaps lies or truth. It is amazing how people can harbor things just from hear say.
Slatsville was interesting and a good place to research. In the local graveyard lies John Mosby's surgen Dr. as well as other points of interest.
To the thought against the Confederates for being cold blood murders both sides did nore than thier share. West Virginia found that out when so called Northern Troops Lincoln sent as protectors for those that voted against seperation.
I found in visiting these posterites they were dead set on people knowing too much about thier business. No diggers on my properity! Words you might hear if they will talk to you.
Now that was then I am not sure about today.
Thank you for allowing my two cents and yes you are right on. it is done right refreshing seeing the Confed ancestors keeping thier history alive. I only wish that moder day political society would do the same about WW2 fight against( Fascism)
My GGG Uncle Col. Legrand Shockley was KIA on 10/02/1864 in Saltville. I am still trying to find more information on him and looking for an image or photo. I am a strong believer in Heritage not Hate, and I will continue to honor all of my family members that fought for the south. I am discovering more everyday. I just wish I had not waited until I was 68 years old to start.
Fewer ads. Lots of American Civil War content!