Rutherford B. Hayes and the family pets


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When Rutherford B. Hayes and family moved into White House they had over 20 pets. Hayes and his wife and children, especially Fanny loved all kinds of pets. The dogs includes Hector, a Newfoundland, Duke, an English mastiff, Grim, a greyhound, Dot, a cocker spaniel, and two hunting dogs named Shep and Juno.

They also had several cats. Piccolomini and Siam, Siamese cats, and several kittens.
They owned several horses, pedigreed Jersey cows, a goat, a mockingbird, four canaries, and a pigeon.

Duke, the English Mastiff was one of the favorites. He was large and powerful but a very loving dog. He was very protective of the Hayes children.

Grim the Greyhound was the favorite , especially for Mrs. Lucy Hayes. He was a gift to Hayes when he entered the White House. Lucy and Grim had a strong bond.

Unfortunately shortly after the Hayes family left the White House, Grim died. He was near the family home, running when he went on railroad track and was hit by a train. The family was very upset, especially Mrs. Hayes.
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