Route of Graham’s Brigade to the Battlefield on July 1

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Leaving the vicinity of Emmitsburg in the early afternoon of July 1, the brigade of Brigadier General Charles K. Graham moved toward Gettysburg, some 10 miles distant, along a muddy road that made for a slower marching pace. Reaching the battlefield, Frank Rauscher of the 114th Pennsylvania later wrote that his regiment filed to the right at the Peach Orchard and marched to the ridge on the right (north) of Little Round Top. On the other hand, the historian of the 105th Pennsylvania did not have the brigade turning off the road until they were beyond the Sherfy house. The most compelling version, in my view, was related by Acting Sergeant-Major Alex Givin of the 114th: “We turned off the Emmitsburg Road to the right by a small [log] frame house, the home of a shoemaker. The man himself sat in the doorway nursing a little child about three years of age.” That shoemaker would be Daniel H. Klingel, presumably holding his young son, Samuel. His wife Hannah was likely inside with their baby daughter, Catherine, not yet 11 weeks old.

Graham’s brigade camped together in a column of regiments on a “knoll in a field south of George Weikert’s house between the road and a piece of wood, the Sixty-Third to the front followed toward the rear by the One Hundred Fifth, Fifty-Seventh, One Hundred [Fourteenth], Sixty-Eighth, with the One Hundred Forty-First in the rear.” Around 10 p.m. the entire 63rd Pennsylvania was sent on picket for the night along the Emmitsburg Road near the Peach Orchard. Attached map shows Graham’s projected route, times, and alignment in column formation, with estimated frontages in feet after a few stragglers had rejoined by the next morning.

Different sources list different times for the brigade’s arrival near the Weikert house, ranging from 5 to 8 p.m. My own estimate is that they reached their destination at 7:20 p.m., just a few minutes before sunset, having passed by the Peach Orchard at around 6:45 p.m.

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