U.S. Legislative Branch Rollins, James Sidney, US Congressman, Mo

James Sidney Rollins:
Born: April 19, 1812

Birthplace: Richmond Kentucky
Anthony Wayne Rollins 1783 – 1845
(Buried: Columbia Cemetery Columbia Missouri)
Mother: Sallie Harris Rodes 1787 – 1856
(Buried: Columbia Cemetery Columbia Missouri)
Wife: Mary Elizabeth Hickman 1820 – 1907
(Buried: Columbia Cemetery Columbia Missouri)
Married: June 6, 1837 in Columbia Missouri

Sophia Woodson Rollins 1839 – 1841
(Buried: Columbia Cemetery Columbia Missouri)
Captain James Hickman Rollins 1841 – 1898
(Buried: Hollywood Forever Hollywood California)
Laura Hickman Rollins Hockaday 1844 – 1904
(Buried: Columbia Cemetery Columbia Missouri)
Mary Elizabeth Rollins Overall 1846 – 1924
(Buried: Columbia Cemetery Columbia Missouri)
George Henry Bingham Rollins 1852 – 1915
(Buried: Columbia Cemetery Columbia Missouri)
Curtis Burnham Rollins 1853 – 1940
(Buried: Columbia Cemetery Columbia Missouri)
Florence Rollins Gray 1856 – 1930
(Buried: Columbia Cemetery Columbia Missouri)
Edward Tutt Rollins 1860 – 1913
(Buried: Columbia Cemetery Columbia Missouri)

Political Party: Whig Party, Constitutional Union Party, Unionist Party, Republican Party and Democratic Party


Attended Centre College
1830: Graduated from University of Indiana

Occupation before War:
Attorney in Columbia Missouri
Served in the Black Hawk War rising to the rank of Major
1838 – 1840: Missouri State Representative
1844: Missouri Delegate Whig Party National Convention
1846 – 1848: Missouri State Senator
1848: Unsuccessful Candidate for Governor of Missouri
1854: Missouri State Representative
1857: Unsuccessful Candidate for Governor of Missouri

Civil War Career:
1861 – 1865: United States Congressman from Missouri
1861 – 1863: Member of House War Department Expenditures Cte.
1861 – 1863: Member of House Interstate and Foreign Commerce Cte.
1861 – 1865: Acted as Conservative on Slavery Issues and Abolition.
1863 – 1865: Member of House Naval Affairs Committee
1864: Witness to the Centralia Massacre
1864: Supporter of George B. McClellan’s Presidential Campaign.
1865: Voted against the 13th​ Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Occupation after War:
1865 – 1869: Attorney in Columbia Missouri
1866: Missouri Delegate to Philadelphia Union Convention
1867: Missouri State Representative
1867 – 1868: Director of Union Pacific Railroad Company
1869 – 1886: President Board of Curators of University of Missouri
1874 – 1888: Suffered from the effects of a train wreck

January 9, 1888
Place of Death: Columbia Missouri
Age at time of Death: 75 years old
Burial Place:
Columbia Cemetery Columbia Missouri


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He was named the "Father of the University of Missouri"for his efforts to have the University located in Boone County, Mo. Also funding was gained for the university with passage of a series of acts in the Missourim Legislature.


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In 1864 he was on his way to a political meeting and travelling by stagecoach when, outside of Centralia, Mo., the stage was stopped by members of William "Bloody Bill" Anderson gang. Everyone was taken off the stage and robbed. Rollins was afraid that if the guerrillas discovered his identity, he would be killed. Just then, a train was discovered approaching Centralia and the guerrillas left to help overtake the train, and Rollins life was spared.
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