Rode to Appomattox Today..


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Jul 4, 2016
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No, but it's been discussed (and cussed!:D) recently here on the forums. Because of the descriptions as being mainly a Politically Correct venue I have absolutely no interest in seeing it either. I believe most of the physical artifacts, etc. were transferred to Appomattox other than a few largely symbolic items to go into the Tredegar location which happily appears to rely mainly on touchy-feely electronic BS to appeal to modern ADHD-afflicted visitors.
That's what I was afraid of (assumed) happened with Appomattox, as they are owned by the same entity/part of the same program.

John Winn

Mar 13, 2014
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Awesome...! Glad to hear. Have you been to the new museum in Richmond..? American Civil War Museum at Tredegar
I went there when it was new in 2016 (the old museum next to the confederate white house was still open and I got to see that, too). My wife and I were both turned off by the displays. The first things one saw were large poster images of civil rights marches and Martin Luther King. Then there was a lot about slavery. Finally one got to see some actual CW artifacts.

My parents were active in the civil rights protests and actually met Dr. King but when I go to a CW museum I want to see things relating to the CW, not be bombarded with PC stuff. I also do want to see actual artifacts and not just look at large poster text and images or watch videos (all taking up a lot of space when we went). It's a CW museum (so they said), not a civil rights museum. Call me what you will but I was disappointed.