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Sweets/Treats Rock Cream

rock cream
(from Godey's Ladies Magazine, edited by L.A. Godey, Sarah J. Hale, 1864)


1 teacup of best rice, softened in new milk​
powdered loaf sugar​
currant jelly, or preserved fruit of any kind​
5 egg whites​
powdered sugar​
orange-flower water, or vanilla​
1 tbsp. rich cream​


This will be found a very ornamental as well as a delicious dish for a supper-table. Boil a teacupful of the best rice till quite soft in new milk, sweeten it with powdered loaf sugar, and pile it up on a dish. Lay on it in different places square lumps of either currant jelly or preserved fruit of any kind; beat up the whites of five eggs to a stiff froth, with a little powdered sugar, and flavor with either orange-flower water or vanilla. Add to this, when beaten very stiff, about a tablespoonful of rich cream, and drop it over the rice, giving it the form of a rock of snow.​