Featured Robert E. Lee's map on Antiques Roadshow

Old Bay

Jun 1, 2010
Culpeper, VA
That's pretty cool. Suprised me that it was only appraised for $50 to $75 grand or on a good day $100,00. There are belt buckles selling for $26,000.

I'm continually amazed by appraisal costs. But it's only worth what someone will pay. I think the historical stuff is way more valuable than a lamp or a vase. But I'm one of those weirdos that hangs out on a history forum...
Mar 20, 2010
"The appraisal of that map will be one of the highlights of three upcoming episodes of “Antiques Roadshow” devoted to the show’s Jacksonville visit. Lee’s map will be featured in the Oct. 20 show. It was brought to the Prime Osborn by a Jacksonville-area woman who asked that her name not be used. The framed map hung on the wall of her home while she was growing up in Ohio." http://staugustine.com/entertainmen...ues-roadshow-filmed-jacksonville#.VEgFvsnCWX9

Patrick H

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Mar 7, 2014
Very exciting! I got chill bumps too. I'd love to know what has become of the items since the filming in June of 2013.
I'd like to know what has become of them, too. Very interesting video clip (I missed it both times) and a nice thread.
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Sep 3, 2014
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Always thought that putting prices to those things is somewhat of a silly thing to do. Authenticating them is the interesting part. The market sets the price.

For example: This is a recently sold in an auction Carte de Visite, which is a lot like the example in the show: $3,100. This has a price tag of $15,000, with a nice frame and likely has been sitting there for a while (and might sit a bit longer.) And that $3K is way too high than I have seen for a while.

The map is interesting. But how many private people are willing to pay 70-90,000 (to justify that real world price) for it? Anyone here? That kind of $ is usually paid by museums. Problems are that a. it is in horrible shape and b. the R.E.Lee autograph is on the wrong side. So how do you display it, if you were a museum? I always smirk at prices given around in that show. Especially by experts who happen to be retailers, like that one and likely to put a $15K tag on a $3K item.

Great show, but I suggest that you take the prices with a grain of salt :smile: