Richmond siege

Nov 27, 2018
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Lee gets some credit, but there was more involved. Ewell probably should have been watching the Peninsula, and Beauregard was not the most trusted source of information in the minds of the CSA War Dept, the de facto head of which was Jeff Davis. I think Davis, and most likely Lee, thought Beauregard was shouting "wolf". But this was not as bad for Lee as it could have been. Petersburg was not immediately taken. But a great opportunity to take the AoP out a Corps at a time was lost.
I read Grant's Memoirs some years ago, and it may have been in this where he substantiated the fact of outfoxing Lee. He based it on other reports made he gathered after the war. A couple of actions took place just after Jericho Mills, but I know Hancock was battered, and possibly one of the first to arrive when Beauregard became alarmed. The troops weren't pushed to their best advantage at that time, and essentially lost their 'golden opportunity'.

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