Review please - an animated map showing the Oak Ridge fight


Jun 15, 2015
I'm working on v2 of an animated map of the 1st day of the Battle of Gettysburg. The link here is to a five-minute YouTube video highlighting the map's coverage of the fight for Oak Ridge.

Please take a look and let me know if you have suggestions to improve the map. This video and review focuses on Oak Ridge. A couple weeks ago I asked a message about the Barlow's Knoll fight. I hope to follow with a review of the McPherson/Seminary Ridges fight, and then maybe finish with a review of the Brickyard fight.

Feel free to comment via reply to this post, or via private message with the Conversation utility on the forum page. You've all been very kind and helpful in the past. I welcome your wisdom and knowledge!
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A. Roy

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Sep 2, 2019
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Seems very good to me, for a brief 5-minute overview. I know these kinds of illustrations usually show brigades as a solid block, but when a brigade splits (as with Daniel's), I wonder whether it could be useful to represent that somehow. I think you are correct that Iverson did not send out skirmishers, but didn't he have sharpshooters at the McLean farm? I realize you're just trying to create a general representation of the Oak Ridge engagement, so it might not be possible to communicate these more subtle points.

One thing else occurs to me: whether you might consider including some way to represent the time factor here -- maybe using a digital clock to show how this engagement unfolded over time. Just a thought. (I think there might be some disagreement over this, though -- not everyone agrees about what took place when.)

Anyhow, this is overall very cool, and provides a great overview of an engagement that took me many hours to understand when I researched it.

Roy B.

Tom Elmore

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Jan 16, 2015
I suppose it is conventional wisdom that O'Neal launched his main attack, followed by Iverson, but I don't happen to accept that scenario because it ignores a substantial amount of primary source accounts, in particular Paul's confrontation of O'Neal.

This is how I think it basically unfolded:

1. Baxter's arrival forces back the skirmishers/sharpshooters of Rodes' division from the Mummasburg road.
2. O'Neal's brigade moves forward to the fence line north of the McClean farm.
3. Iverson's brigade advances, Baxter shifts his force to confront Iverson.
4. Iverson's brigade is shot up, Baxter's brigade advances westward to collect prisoners from Iverson.
5. O'Neal's brigade launches its main attack, part of Baxter's 90 PA and 12 MA shift to confront him as Paul's lead regiments arrive.
6. O'Neal's brigade seeks shelter along the Mummasburg road; Schimmelpfennig's 45 NY pressures him from the east; the rest of Baxter's brigade return to their jump-off position facing west.
7. Paul's (Leonard) 104 NY and 13 MA charge north to the Mummasburg road, collect prisoners from O'Neal and drive the rest back; 45 NY assists in this effort.
8. Baxter's brigade is relieved and moves southward, the remainder of Paul's brigade deploys to take their place.
9. Paul's brigade moves southward, leaving only 16 ME at the Mummasburg road.
10. Ramseur's brigade advances, O'Neal's 3 AL on his right, the rest of O'Neal supporting his left rear; 16 ME is routed.

Your description of Daniel is sound, he simultaneously confronted Federals along the Chambersburg pike to the south and Federals to the east in Shead's woods.
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