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Feb 5, 2017
I just found this ad in the Confederate Veteran, Volume 1899, Vol. 7 I thought it was very interesting that the GAR and SCV were working together to do reunions. AND especially the line about "Every soldier's grave made during the unfortunate Civil War is a tribute to American Valor." That I can agree with and honor.


No North No South
No East No West
Reunion OF THE Blue and Gray

AT EVANSVILLE IND 10 II 12 13 1899


Every soldiers grave made during the unfortunate civil war is a tribute to American valor.

PRESIDENT WM MoKlNLEY I feel that when one section extends the right of fellowship to the other it is the duty of the other to
grasp and hold it. GEN FITZHUGH LEE Northern and Southern Veterans of Civil GAR will meet in Evansville next October 10 13
for a Grand Jubilee and National Reunion Generals of both sides will there and thousands of Blue and Gray will be present.
War dramas drills military maneuvering and speeches will be accompanied marching soldiers, beating of drums, of musketry and booming
of cannon. This will awaken the martial spirit and bring back to the veteran the impulse of youth, President McKinley and Lee are expected
to be present. Rates will be secured from railroads and steamboats. Make your preparations to be in Evansville that week. For particulars or
further information MORRIS Sec Blue and Gray Committee Tennessee Infantry CSA EVANSVILLE IND

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Feb 14, 2012
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McKinley had some extremely good things to say- four years before the 1899 reunion he'd been the Union keynote speaker at the Blue and Gray reunion at the Exposition in Atlanta. Booker T's famous speech was there, may be why what transpired elsewhere isn't as well remembered. JPK's niece, my grgrandmother's sister was a delegate from NY so we have one of those embossed leather ' reports '. Remember reading of the reunion as kid, well before I understood the significance of what was said.

".....Those designations should no longer suggest passion and bitterness and hatred, but should suggest, and do suggest, that patriotism is in the hearts of the people to-day, North and South, and when united is invincible. What we have wanted in this country for years is a fresh baptism of patriotism. And the best way to get it is by immersion. The war has been over thirty-one years. The bitterness and resentment belong to the past, and its glories are the common heritage of us all. What was won in that war belongs just as securely to those who lost as to those who triumphed. And our concern to-day should not be about the past, for that is secure; our concern should be about the future, for to us and to those who shall come after rests the supreme duty and responsibility of carrying forward this great Government, builded upon foundations of liberty, builded in the hearts of the American people, to carry forward to a more glorious destiny than has ever been anticipated in the past. "

Signature on my profile here is truncated from this part- sorry to get lengthy but it's awfully important stuff.

" If we ever fight again, and I pray God we do not and we will fight under the same flag, and the flag will be the glorious old Stars and Stripes, the same our grandsires lifted up; the same our fathers bore; in many a battle's tempest it shed crimson rain, and it to-day means that what God hath woven in His loom let no man rend in twain. "

" The fact is, we haven't had any trouble since the war between the men who fought on the one side or the other. The trouble has been with the men who fought on neither side, and who could go on either side should interest or occasion demand it.
We are all of us Americans now, and it may be some comfort to remember that Americans never surrender but to Americans. And all that the boys in blue and all that the boys in gray want is that the settlement made between Grant and Lee at Appomattox shall stand as the irreversible judgment of history, and the ineffaceable decree of a nation of freemen. "
Fewer ads. Lots of American Civil War content!
Fewer ads. Lots of American Civil War content!