Rest Peacefully Chuck Paris, or as we knew him: KLSDAD


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Mar 22, 2009
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Such sad news. Chuck reached out to me because of discussions about similar interests. He said he would drive down to see me so I could give a tour of the battles along the M&C RR. It was December, it had snowed and yet he came. I enjoyed sitting & talking to Chuck. He listened to me talk and I enjoyed hearing what he knew. He was also my FaceBook friend. We didn't talk much on FB but he did follow some of my posts and comment.
After that first meeting, he invited me on many of his excursions. Some were too far for me to go and my schedule wasn't as flexible as his. Then he invited me to check out Chaulk Bluff to learn about the skirmish of May 15, 1862. I volunteered to use my car and we almost ended up getting it stuck in the muddy "gravel" roads. I thought he was leading me to nowhere but I will never forget that trip.
One day he called me to say that he brought a friend down to visit Shiloh. At that moment, I was driving to Corinth NPS Center to use their library and I kept driving over to go a tour with them.

I express my condolences to his CWT friends and his family.

Chuck wearing a T-shirt on a snowy day in Moscow, Tenn.
KLSDAD at Moscow.JPG

{Edited to add the follow}

This is a quote from our private Conversation after our trip to Chaulk Bluff.

Re...bites... Do you remember seeing my legs? I noticed them the day before I think. When I got home I accused my dad's dog of fleas. My dad says way, the medecine I give him works! So I was afraid that I brought bed bugs back from Natchez two weekends ago.

I did all kids of cleaning and moved out of the bed I was using here at my dads and we called pest control. They came today and said no sign of bed bugs at all. They looked at my leg bites and said it could be an outdoor flea that I got into somehow.

So I don't know what to tell you other than maybe my car was infected or maybe the bugs are bad this year and you got what I got the weekend before. If I did it I apologize.... I'm just glad they don't appear to be bed bugs.... my wife would kill me !!!!!
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Feb 19, 2011
Met him at CWTs Retreat from Gettysburg in 2017. If I remember correctly he wasn´t sure if he´d be able to attend but in the end he and his brother Andy did. When he heard that I was there without a car he qickly offered to take me along and drive to my hotel. We shared a number of meals and tours there; and apart from the groups went up Big Round Top on one of the days.

My condolences to his family.
Aug 25, 2013
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The group at Chickamauga NMP Visitor Center in Oct. 2018; Chuck/KLSDAD in the back row 6th from left.
How I wish I could have been part of that group!! I just read a book by Richard Marcinko and one of his greatest goals is to establish "unit integrity". You radiate that "unit integrity" . I'm sure you all enjoyed yourselves thoroughly. KLSDAD will forever be part of your memories.
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Thanks @bdtex and @Buckeye Bill for posting your memories and pictures of Chuck. Ill never forget how at ease his voice made me feel and how kind he was to everyone in the group at Chickamauga.
I also met Chuck at Chickamauga. He was easy talk to and could understand what he was talking about. My condolence.
to his family...
RIP Chuck.