Rest in Peace, scone


Regimental Armorer
Retired Moderator
Feb 20, 2005
South of the North 40
Steve was one of the good ones. He considered Franklin his battle as he had several family in the thick of it. The man was a consummate gentleman of who I cannot imagine anything negative of.

I’ve known him since I came on board CWT. I first met him at the first Motor MillImmersion event that I organized. I will never forget my first face to face meeting with him. The look of wonder in his eyes as he commented how beautiful and peaceful the site was and how he was woken by a doe nibbling on his toes.

His efforts to assist various veterans organizations and the Wounded Warrior project forever endeared him to my heart. Our occasional conversations about Alabama’s Crimson Tide will never be forgotten. His shock at a yank agreeing with him that the Tide was the finest College football team was amusing. I was judged a “yank with taste!”

Steven was a very small man with an enormous heart. It’s said God only let’s you grow tall enough and live long enough to reach perfection. My friend was perfection.
Jan 24, 2017