Edged Wpns Republic of Texas bayonet Markings

Peter Stines

Apr 10, 2007
Gulf Coast of Texas
I've been digging again. I need to know what markings or stampings were used on the Republic of Texas bayonets. Texas ordered muskets of the 1816 Model from GW Tryon in Philadelphia. Lockplates stamped with star and TEXAS. The republic couldn't pay for the entire shipment and it was sent back to the mfgr. Tryon sold the guns to the US and most were converted to percussion and saw service on both sides during the CW. Reason I ask; I want to get a repro bayonet and musket and remark it. I would have each marked 'Replica' in a discreet location
PS I have lost my copy of Arms for Texas. Its a great book that needs to be updated and reprinted.

Lanyard Puller

Nov 29, 2017
South Carolina
I can't help you on the 1816s, but would guess they were sent to Texas as unmarked, top lug model 1816's. Texas bayonets for this model would be extremely rare. Greyrock Volunteer would be the most helpful source, should they be marked.
Garrett's web site is https://www.trans-mississippirelics.com/

What has been found are saber bayonets for altered M1841 rifles, mostly in Virginia, digs and collections. These are also very rare and rarely found with any condition remaining.

I know of 2 dug examples in Virginia. Also photos of examples can be found in;
Shannon Pritchard, "Collecting the Confederacy" page 14.
Murphy & Madaus, "Confederate Rifles & Muskets" p.706 [photo and description of bayonet attached to Tyler "Texas" rifle s/n "814" from Don Bryan's collection in poor condition, and https://www.morphyauctions.com/jamesdjulia/item/1423-373/

Here's what they look like. This one was found in Northern Va. on a 1850 dated Whitney Missy. Sold separately and finally reunited several years later. The Virginia "style" alteration on the rifles was basically adding a lug {very crudely made} to accept a saber bayonet, so named as most of these altered rifles have turned up in Va. Other examples of these rifles came with Kenansville NC, Richmond, and unknown manfg. saber bayonets.
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So far no one has re-produced this all metal bayonet.