Research Reporters at Forts Henry and Donelson


Jul 19, 2017
Two years back, there was a thread on this topic. I came upon it by Googling "Albert D. Richardson" Henry Donelson. I was trying to find if Richardson wrote for the New York Tribune about the battles for the forts. So far, no luck.

I have a Sabin Americana book titled Garnered sheaves from the writings of Albert D. Richardson. It starts with a biographical sketch of Richardson by his wife, Abby Sage Richardson. Page 55: "[Richardson] was in Missouri with Lyon and Fremont; at Fort Henry, Donelson, and Shiloh with Grant . . ." Also page 55: "On the third of May, 1863, Mr. Richardson and his friend Junius Henri Browne, both engaged on the Tribune, together with Mr. Colburn of the New York World, took passage on a steam tug, rigged to run the Vicksburg batteries."

Richardson and Browne were captured, spent 20 months in Confederate prisons and escaped together. In February 1862, it's likely they were both at Henry and Donelson. If either or both wrote for the Tribune about the battles, I'd like to read the reports.