Repelling a Confederate amphibious assault - single handedly!


Feb 20, 2005
"We had several members who were troubled with an optical illusion - especially in the night when on guard. They could see millions of boats, loaded to their utmost capacity with rebels armed to the teeth crossing the river to massacre us, advance, take Washington, and subdue the North. Just at the critical moment, when the Nation's life hung by a thread, he would fire. The Corporal with a file of men would double quick to his post to find out the cause. He would relate what he saw; but the dull eyes of the Corporal could see nothing but the running water on it's [sic] way to the sea. The next week an extract of the heroic soldiers letter would appear in the Westboro paper, through the kindness of friends, giving the details of the Nation's narrow escape through his vigilence."

With such heroic men, is it at all surprising that the North won the war?


Feb 20, 2005
Gary- An emphatic yes! Especially since this is just the type of observer Commander in Chief McClellan was looking for to occupy high position in his 'intelligence' corps.