Reorganized 4th Michigan Volunteer Infantry


Oct 24, 2019
While researching the 19th Ohio I became aware that my great grandfather Charles Kendall served in the Reorganized 4ht Michigan. As it turned out the 4th Michigan was brigaded with the 19th Ohio under the 19th's own Col. Sam Beatty. With the 19th Ohio they served in Texas with the IV Corp until May 1866. Of the total of 1009 members one was killed in action and 119 died of disease or other causes.

Do any forum members have any information sources specifically about their (Reorganized 4th Michigan) service or even the IV Corps service in Texas. With so many C W books there seems that someone may have researched and written about their service, experiences and stories in Texas. If not, it would be an interesting topic with stories about Green Lake, San Antonio, their hot desert marches, post war Texas, etc.