Relics from the shores of the Potomac River

May 17, 2007
Maryland...'bout 55 miles south of Gettysburg.
These relics I got at a very small onsite auction near what is now called Whites Ferry, Maryland
near the Potomac River very near what was Confederate Virginia. It was a well guarded frontier
during the Civil War and Confederates crossed the river near there at times, and the locals
were almost all in sympathy with the South. These items were found at a farm there over a
period of many years. I also got a bayonet and beat up scabbard there and I brought them
to a CW show and sold them for 150, and later learned that the scabbard had been a
Confederate one with the tip gone. Was I sorry? Yes, but I should have known.
There is also a damaged arrow head and a CW period brass civilian button, and
the Confederates wore ones like this, as they were short on military buttons.

IMG_2679 (2).JPG

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