Released black Michigander POW in Feb 1862?

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Aug 25, 2012
I found this while researching other items in a Feb 1862 Adrian Expounder (Michigan). Was the black man from Michigan a captured servant or something else? I was not aware that Confederates were exchanging blacks in Feb. 1862. I should have copied it better.

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Dec 31, 2010
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I was not aware that Confederates were exchanging blacks in Feb. 1862

Don't know if this helps, here, the Union Army includes captured Blacks from North Carolina in a prisoner exchange.

Official Records: Series II, Volume III Page 214

Fort Warren, Boston Harbor, January 25, 1862.
General L. Thomas, Adjutant- General U. S. Army.
Sir: I have just received the following answer by a letter from General Huger* to the message I sent him relative to exchanging the North Carolina prisoners of war for the U. S. troops in Texas:
My Government is willing and anxious to exchange prisoners on fair terms, and as the authorities at Washington have permitted it in certain cases I beg your assistance in making it general and thus aid the cause of humanity and civilization. In another part of his letter he says:
With your assistance, colonel, I hope we can do much to relieve needless suffering to our fellow-countrymen.
Being therefore certain of a reciprocal exchange of the prisoners of war now here I shall immediately require transportation for them by sea to Fort Monroe and to be sent to Norfolk for exchange—4 captains, 2 first lieutenants, 8-second lieutenants, 2 third lieutenants, and about 370 rank and file. The four colored men are very desirous of returning to their families in North Carolina. I shall, therefore, send them unless I receive further instructions in relation to them. Three of them are certainly free and have families South. The fourth man is believed to be a slave yet he is very anxious to go home. He has been to me often begging mo to send him home on the first opportunity. I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant, J. DIMICK, Colonel First Artillery, Commanding Post.
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