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Dec 31, 2010
Kingsport, Tennessee

For example, if your solder was a Confederate from Tennessee enter Tennessee Confederate Last Name, First Name Middle Initial. If he was a Union man change Confederate to Union. Some Union records will only display one card, not all are completely digitized. You'll need to know your soldier's name, State, and regiment, in cases of several men with the same name. I found this link by accident and hope others are as successful as I've been. For me, it beats paying fold3.


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Apr 18, 2019
Upstate New York
I looked up several men who I have been researching and found many fewer records than in Fold3. For example, T R Sharp brought up 8 records and Thomas R Sharp brought up 30. In fold3, there are 139 records for this man, all under his name.
Every resource has good and bad points. I find using multiples is the best - things fall through the cracks on each - even with the most accurate search terms.