"Rebels in my Tree" now on Amazon-my cousins had 60 Plantations, 9 Colonels, 6 were KIA

Mar 1, 2019
Dedham, MA
Wow, my cousins had sixty plantations but I hate boring family history so I’ve told interesting, real-life stories including; a fierce Civil War battle, Crampton's Gap where two Colonel cousins died and was part of Lee's lost order, one of the most interesting of the war and Gazaway who left his Wall Street bank to start a blockade running company, how I tracked down black Lamar cousins via DNA, an 1800's shotgun wedding that was overturned, the slave-ship Wanderer, the Paoli Massacre in the Revolution, my JFK honor guard story and more except there's no sex or nudity. “Rebels in my Tree” by Tom Lamar Coughlin is on Kindle
or in paperback.

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