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  • @Shadow9216 is the author Gerald Cranwell and is proud to launch his book:
    • Rebel Spring - War in the Mountains
    • Published February 1, 2020
    • Launched on CWT on 2/3/2020
    • Buy it on Amazon

Left near death after his mission to Washington City, Confederate Major Matthew Glenn is slowly nursed back to health by the widow Colleen O'Neal, who's made it her personal mission to keep him alive. All the while, Northern preparations for an invasion of the South take place around him, and the Federal spy ring remains elusively out of reach.

After a brief return to duty results in a medical emergency, he's placed on convalescent leave as the Union faces the Confederacy at Bull Run. The pair visit his family in the mountains, a respite from the war which is now spreading across Virginia, but all too soon General Lee recalls him to duty in a forgotten corner of the war, where his own state is threatening to tear itself apart.

Grappling with his wounds as much as the enemy, he struggles to gather the information Lee requires, once again being required to do the impossible.

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