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This is a promo in advance of the launch for the sequel in February!
  • @Shadow9216 is the author Gerald Cranwell and is proud to launch his book:
    • Rebel Spring (Seasons of the Confederacy Book 1)
    • Published November 1, 2019 on Kindle
    • Launched on CWT on 11/1/2019
    • Buy it on Amazon
Captain Matthew Glenn served the Union faithfully, risking his life on many occasions during secret missions in service to his country. But when Virginia seceded and joined the Confederacy, forcing him to choose sides, loyalty to home and family had to come first.

Resigning his commission and returning home to serve his state, he found himself drawn into service by his former superior, the newly-appointed General Robert E. Lee, who asks that Glenn perform the same duties for his new country. Amidst the turmoil of secession and creating a new country in the face of Union opposition, Lee's first task is direct: Ride into Washington City, into the heart of the Union's war effort, and find out their plans to subdue the South.

Paired with a wayward cavalryman, Glenn's mission is immediately discovered by Union agents, forcing him to detour west- into the mountains of Virginia, where Confederate support is weak and Union resources are abundant. Federal agents are the least of Glenn's worries, as he has to contend with anti-Confederacy Virginians who'd love to see him fail, and opportunists who don't care who wins as long as they get paid.

Success of his mission could prevent a bloody war; failure could doom the South's bid for independence. It's a tall order for one man- and with hidden enemies at every turn, where can he turn for allies?

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Ah, great, to see the book announced!! It is really good!! All you gentlemen with wives who roll their eyes when you suggest another battlefield visit ... give them Gerry's book! They will understand you a lot better, then. And if you'll read it yourself, you will love it too! I told Gerry that the opening dialogue, when Matthew tells his pro-Union father why he had left the Union army to seek commission in the new Confederate army is the best summary of events that led to the Civil War that I have ever read.
I also enjoyed how General Lee comes to life!

@Shadow9216 , please post the link to that interview you gave, describing the book, so that our co-members can learn more about you and your book!
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