Rebel soldier transferred to Chestertown, MD


Jul 3, 2016
My 2nd great-grandfather William Walker had a younger brother, Lewis Landrum Walker, who was captured on March 17, 1865 as a "rebel deserter." According to the service records, he was received by the provost marshal on March 24, 1865 in Washington, DC. The action taken was "taken oath Trans furnished to Chestertown Md." I assume this means he took the Oath of Allegiance, and was given transportation to Chestertown. Why Chestertown? Was there a holding facility there for Confederate soldiers not technically imprisoned? If transportation was provided to send him home, it seems strange to ship him from Washington DC northeast to Maryland when his home was in McDowell County, in western NC. Also, the war was not over yet, so they wouldn't release him to return to fighting... Hoping someone can help me close the loop on what this transfer meant. Thanks!