Rare Stereoview of President Lincoln's Cottage


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Apr 20, 2013
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Original images of President Lincoln’s Cottage from the Civil War period are rare. Over five years of research before and during restoration yielded only a couple handfuls of prints, drawings, photographs, and lithographs of the Cottage that date to around the 1860s.

lincolncottage cwt.jpg

Recently donated stereocard depicts the Cottage awnings, a feature not depicted in any other photographs researched by staff and contractors to date.

This stereocard offers new information about how the Cottage looked during the summer months when Lincoln was in residence. Unlike the handful of other photographs of the Cottage from around the same period, this image shows the Cottage in the thick of summer with a lush garden, wisteria covering the veranda, and awnings on all of the south facing windows of the second floor.

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