Rare Photo of Drummer Boy and his Family


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Aug 8, 2011
Gettysburg area
Look at the Fathers right hand. Clearly swollen...from a battle wound? You can almost make out some damage to his pinky finger.
Very observant, @Skilledhunter. When I enlarged the photo for a closer view, I began to wonder whether he suffered even more injuries. I originally thought that he was just holding his hands closed, with his fingers curled in his lap. But now that you point out the swelling, it looks like he might be missing the ends of the fingers on his right hand, and possibly several fingers of his left hand too. It seems odd that he'd hold his left index finger extended but the other fingers curled.



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Jul 21, 2015
A friend who has studied the US Regulars in the war suggests this might be a post-war picture and the ribbons are dad's GAR medals.
That was my first thought and I'm certainly no expert. The ribbons made me think that. There are no stripes or other insignia on the uniforms or kepis that I can see.