Quick Trip to South Mountain battlefields

Jan 2, 2021
Great pictures, such a peaceful place today I live here and didn't know about the North Carolina Monument, have to visit it. My place on Elk Ridge was part of the Maryland Height's Unpleasantness prior to the capture of Harper's Ferry and has yielded many artifacts the men lost, discarded or fired at each other. Hard to imagine dodging shot, shell and bullets in these woods.

Bruce Vail

1st Lieutenant
Jul 8, 2015
Good pictures. I never knew of the existence of the Washington memorial.

Oh, the Washington Memorial on South Mountain is a great, great spot for any history lover! On a clear day, it provides fantastic views east and west.

Best to go in late fall, when the weather is warm/coolish, and the summer bugs are down a bit. Bring your binoculars and a camera!
Jun 27, 2017
Don't know if you've also been to G'burg but the monument in your photo is eerily similar to the one on Little Round Top. For a second I actually thought that was what it was!!!!

Tony Z

Jan 3, 2021
DuBois, PA
The Harpers Ferry, South Mountain, Sharpsburg and northward region, is such a beautiful place to visit. On a Civil War Institute tour several decades ago, we had a bus tour through the Washington monument area. I would add a visit to the Kennedy farm house (John Brown) to a trip agenda.

Very nice photos and thanks for posting!