questions on the brookes guns

May 1, 2018
This is going to be a broad one. So here they are!
1) I've read a little about the 6.4 and 7. Were there other sizes as well?
2) Were any mounted for siege work? (like one of the big siege parrots)
3) Where were they made? How many?
4) What made it special(or different)?
Thanks in advance!
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Feb 18, 2013
Hoover, Alabama
1. 6.4,7&8" Rifles in single, double and triple banded models. 8,10 & 11" smoothbores.
2. The Brookes were used both on naval vessels and shore installations.
3. The Tredegar Ironworks in Richmond and the Naval Ordnance Works in Selma. The total number manufactured becomes somewhat of a problem as probably over 25% of those manufactured were rejected because of casting flaws.
4. While they shared some similarities with guns such as the Dahlgren, they were designed, developed and made in the South and were the most successful guns manufactured in the South. :cannon: An 8" Double banded Brooke -Photo LoC
800px-BrookeRifle (2).jpg
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Mar 30, 2013
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That is a Tredegar 7" single banded rifle on a late war turntable compressor slide carriage - note the centre pivot. This is drawing of the CSS Texas' aft gun.
The turntable mount was introduced shipboard in the design of CSS Nashville (ironclad) and CSS Milledgeville, previous to that the 7" guns had been mounted on pivot mounts running on racers in the deck with a pivot bar pinned to a socket below the gunport. Early 6.4"s were mounted on Marsilly carriages.
John Roy produced is own version of the turntable seen in the gunboats of the Bienville class and some conversions. these along with his carriages were constructed using railroad iron.
It is worth noting that messrs Roy and Brooke were in advance of the rest of the world in mounting heavy naval ordnance on the broadside on compressor slide carriages.

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