Pvt. William Reay Co.A 14th Vermont Infantry Artifact


May 6, 2015
The other day I decided to goggle search my Great-Great Uncles name as well as his home state (William Reay Vermont Civil War) and to my surprise an artifact once belonging to my ancestor showed up on Ancestry. co.uk.collections
I was quite amazed.
I believe it is called a War Memorial. It lists the regiment he was in as well as battles. Its listed as Robert Reay but above it is William Reay born 1843 and his hometown Bennington. Anyone on this forum have access to Ancestry.co.uk so I can locate who has this artifact and maybe get original/copy?
Pvt. William Reay Co. A 14th Vermont was wounded at Gettysburg, PA on July,3rd, 1863 during Picketts Charge. After his nine month enlistment was up at sometime he moved to Trenton, NJ and married my Great-Great Aunt Mary Egan. He is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Hamilton NJ.



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