Pvt. Alonzo West; Ga. 45th Inf Regt, Co G, Baldwin County "Myrick Volunteers" Battle of Glendale/Frayser's Farm

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Dec 6, 2018
Jacksonville Beach, Fla.
I found an interesting article while reading a newspaper, Southern recorder (Milledgeville, Ga.) September 16, 1862 page 3,
concerning the circumstances of how Pvt. Alonzo West died after being wounded at Battle of Glendale/Frayser's Farm.
Not sure where he is buried and I don't have any other information about Alonzo West.


We have been furnished with a letter from Captain Conn to Mr. James West, of Baldwin County giving information as to the the fate of his son Alonzo.
The letter from Mrs. Holmes is also published, and both will be read with melancholy interest by the public .

Bivouac near Orange C. H., Va.,
August 14th, 1862

Mr. James West—My Dear Sir: I have waited anxiously for nearly six weeks, earnestly hoping to receive some intelligence of your son, Alonzo West,
of my company who was wounded on the night of 30th June—but received no tidings of him until a day or two ago through a letter from Mrs. Holmes,
of Darien, Ga., which I enclose.

I have no doubt as to its correctness, as it was night at the time we were engaged. He was carried to the rear and never seen by any, except one of my company, who informed me that he remained all night with him, and in the morning went after an ambulance to have him removed.
When he returned Alonzo had been removed, he knew not where.

In his loss the Myrick Volunteers and the Confederate army have indeed sustained a loss. Of an agreeable disposition, brave and energetic, always ready to discharge any duties devolving upon him, he won the admiration of the company and the confidence of his officers. In the various battles through which he passed—Mechanicsville, Gaines’ Mill and Frazier’s Farm—he behaved most gallantly. His morals were excellent. Let us earnestly hope and pray that that grace which saves the chief of sinners was abundantly bestowed upon him.

There is money in the company belonging to him. I await directions as to its disposition Yours, very truly,

Ridge, near Darien, Georgia,
July 29. 1862.

Capt. Chas. A. Conn—Dear Sir: We Notice, in the Richmond Dispatch of July 18th, an advertisement asking information of Private Alonzo West, of the 45th Ga. Our son, Sergt. Holmes, Co. B. 8th Georgia Regiment, on sick furlough, and at present in Thomas county, Southwestern Georgia, was accidentally, on the last day of the late battles, in an old fodder house at no great distance from the battle field. He there found some fifteen or twenty wounded soldiers. One of them, wounded in the jaw and in consequence unable to speak, made signs that he wished to write. Our son handed him a pocket-book containing blank leaves, and a pencil, in which he wrote as follows:

“ I was wounded in the battle day before yesterday, since which time I have had nothing to eat. I bleed a great deal from my wounds, and am therefore very weak. My name is Alonzo West, of the 45th Georgia. Could you have a little soup cooked for me ?”

Sergt. Holmes made some pap for him out of such materials as he had, hard biscuit and water, which the poor fellow was unable, from the nature of his wound, to swallow, as it passed out through the hole made by the ball under his jaw. When those in the house awoke in the morning, they found Private West, with two others, dead. Their bodies were laid outside of the building, soon after which our son left, Unless his furlough should be extended he will join his regiment by the 15th August, when you could see him personally, and get the leaves written in his pocket book


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