Push forward men!!! Keep fighting!!


Sergeant Major
Apr 1, 2016
Atlanta, Georgia
Allatoona Lake, Mobile District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Push forward men!!! Keep fighting!!

On the morning of October 5, 1864, Confederate troops, led by General Samuel G. French, set to attacking the hilltop fortifications of the Union Army at Allatoona Pass. They pushed ahead several times and got within 100 yards of the fortifications and forced retreat of the Union soldiers in to the fortifications, but were unable to take the fortifications and were themselves forced to retreat. This was a small, but important battle for the time. If the Confederates had won and held the location, they would have interrupted the supply trains that were maintaining General Sherman's "March to the Sea". In the end, between the two sides, there were approximately 1,200 men killed or wounded, and nearly 500 MIA. While short, it was a very bloody and costly battle.




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