Portrait of Captain John James Ward, Ward's Battery,Alabama Light Artillery

Mar 13, 2017
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Once a mayor of Huntsville,Alabama, Captain John James Ward raised Ward's Battery in Madison County,Alabama, in 1862. Ward's Battery served in the Army of Mississippi at Mobile,Alabama,in 1863 and was later transferred to the Army of Tennessee where the battery served in George S. Storrs' battalion at Kennesaw Mountain and other battles during the Atlanta Campaign.
One website has Captain John James Ward killed near Nashville,Tennessee on July 27,1864. I like this website because it has some official records of Ward's Artillery.
Captain John James Ward is buried in the Oak Hill Cemetery in Spalding,Georgia.
The date of his death on the tombstone is July 20,1864. I checked a Civil War time line and found that the Battle of Peachtree Creek was fought on July 20,1864.
In the Confederate order of battle at Peachtree Creek, Ward's Battery is listed as having fought in that battle.
John James Ward, Sr. was my Great-great-Grandfather. Our family records show that he was mortally wounded at the battle of Kennesaw Mountain in June, 1864, and he was then transported by train to a confederate hospital in Griffin, Georgia where he died on 7/20/1864. I have visited his grave multiple times in Griffin and also had the pleasure of touring the old house which served as the confederate hospital where he died. Unfortunately, the original tombstone (which had very special family significance) was replaced by a well-meaning group in Griffin. The original stone disappeared.

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Nov 16, 2015
You can be very proud of your Great-great-Grandfather Captain John James Ward. From what I have read he was a good soldier. I have been trying to find all the information I can about Ward's Alabama light artillery. I recently found that Captain John James Ward was in charge of the Belmont battery at Mobile Bay.
https://books.google.com/books?id=k...B#v=onepage&q=Captain John James Ward&f=false
My Sylvester Brown Stephenson was with him at Mobile Bay and Kennesaw Mountain

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