Please relieve me of this command at once....


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Jul 23, 2017
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Brigadier General Marcellus Monroe Crocker
Recollections of Henry C McDougal

(errors in initial and rank left alone)

Of the three civilians who became major-generals in the Civil War, Sherman seemed to accord the highest military honors to John A. Logan, Francis P. Blair, and D. M. Crocker, of Iowa.

The latter died early; but once with great glee Sherman told me this amusing story concerning Crocker's personal experience while in command of our forces at Memphis, Tennessee.

He was there rigidly enforcing orders against all movements of cotton, when a Hebraic firm engaged in that business sought to reach him and influence a change.

He thereupon sent this characteristic telegraphic message to the Secretary of War at Washington:

"Please relieve me of this command at once; I am offered two hundred thousand dollars in gold to raise the blockade on cotton, and that is d--ned near my price.

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May 5, 2017
Ok, now that is a fellow who knew how to crack a joke. All the while sending important information to the powers that be. (PTABE).

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