Please Help Identify----Confederate Vets Photo?!?

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Jun 2, 2017
I purchasd this photo many years ago. It is a sepia-toned albumen photo, cardboard mounted, about 6 1/2" x 8 1/2", circa 1895 - 1908.

Is it a United Confederate Veteran (UCV) reunion photo? Or Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) reunion photo?




Notice there are 14 soldiers at the top of photo all wearing uniforms with the Model 1895 U.S. military cap for enlisted men. Many of the other "soldiers" wear medals. Some men appear to be wearing Confederate style uniforms, especially the frock coats of light color. The albumen depicts a reunion of some sort. The background appears to be a southern building. The two flags in the background on the right and left of doorway appear to be the famous Confederate Battle Flag.
What do you think?
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May 7, 2016
It is indeed a UCV reunion photo. Its hard to make out but some of the older CS Vets are wearing UDC SCH. The younger guys in the back may be SCV but then may be military its hard to tell from just seeing their hats. Nice photo.