Pickett's Mill, a few Excerpts

Luke Freet

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Nov 8, 2018
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I wanted to post something on the Pickett's Mill anniversary. However, as I was indisposed on a road trip visiting battlefields, I was unable to do any real posting. However, we did stop by the battlefield the day after the anniversary, and I picked up a book on the battle by Brad Butkovich, which I am currently reading through. In the meantime, I will share some excerpts I have found on the battle, as well as link to other threads I've made mentioning the battle (which by now I know are woefully inaccurate in certain places, after a few users corrected me).
Anyways, I will start with a link to Ambrose Bierce's wonderfully evocative postwar account of the battle, wonderfully titled "The Crime at Pickett's Mill", courtesy of the Battlefield Trust: https://www.battlefields.org/learn/primary-sources/crime-picketts-mill
Here's a hotlink to the thread I made the end of last year on Cleburne's Division, my section on Cleburne's Division at Pickett's Mill and the New Hope Campaign being in Part 4, Paragraphs 5-8: https://civilwartalk.com/threads/cleburnes-division-an-amateur-thread.179982/post-2337287
BronxYankee made a thread of photographs from the Battlefield park, much better than the ones I gathered (I think me and buddies took the wrong trail): https://civilwartalk.com/threads/pickett’s-mill-battlefield.180807/#post-2347285
Here's an 2 year old post by the venerable AUG, citing Texan William Oliphant's account of his shocking connection with the Yankee men his brigade fought that day: https://civilwartalk.com/threads/a-flag-raised-in-the-battle-of-picketts-mill.158456/#post-2062750
Lastly for now, I wish to thank @gentlemanrob back on the actual anniversary making a post commemorating this small yet pertinent engagement: https://civilwartalk.com/threads/15...of-picketts-mill-georgia.185434/#post-2408727
I am going to be somewhat busy in the next few days, and may or may not be able to post other stuff, like excerpts from Sam Foster's diary I have, or from Butkovich's book. I hope however these tidbits of knowledge on the battle, beyond the mere text book stuff you can glean from Wikipedia or the Battlefield Trust entry will give you.