In the Field Photos of Cannons at West Point Military Academy Wanted


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Apr 1, 1999
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I'm writing an article about some cannons located at West Point, but I need some great photos to go with my article.

I've got two cannons that I really would like photographed if at all possible, at the USMA at West Point, NY.

Is anyone going to visit there anytime soon and willing to spend ten minutes taking a few high quality photos?

The two cannon barrels I would really love photos of are located right next to each other, mounted outside the North Wing of the Bartlett Hall Science Center's Entrance Doors. The doors are sometimes called the "Gun Doors" or in past eras, the "Alpha & Omega Guns". This used to be the entrance to the old Cadet Library.

I'd like a good photo of the two guns together with the doors, no people if possible.

Also, each individual gun, full front view, as well as closeup photos of any engraving or plaques currently at the site. A photo of each trunnion on each gun, and a photo of the muzzle of each gun if possible, again, so we can read the engraving on the muzzles.

If this is something you think you can accomplish, please contact me and let me know! Thanks!