Photo of Lincoln and Douglas Together?

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Dec 7, 2008
Nashville TN
Anyone have any guesses as to what type of building that is? My guess is that it is a school.
I agree, quite a few young folks in the picture. Many schools of the time were boarding schools, which could mean the building also housed living quarters, kitchen, etc. That would explain the small number of students, but not that it seems to be coed.


1st Lieutenant
Jul 25, 2013
thank you I had to take out the magnify but it was worth it I have one on the computer and a jewelers magnify on a swivel works pretty good great pitches

Robert Gray

First Sergeant
Jul 24, 2012
Looking at Lincoln? - Men wonder if Abe, Douglas and even Wallace are in Ottawa photo
Charles Stanley,, 815-431-4063 Aug 19, 2010

For decades Lincoln scholars have been tantalized by a photo that possibly included Abraham Lincoln when he was in Ottawa for his first debate with Stephen Douglas on Aug. 21, 1858.

The setting is the two-story house of banker Henry F. Eames, which now stands just east of the 1860 Illinois Appellate Court building on the northeast corner of Columbus and Lafayette streets.

The photograph unmistakably shows two men in stovepipe hats standing next to each other, one much taller than the other. These two men are at the near center of the photo and have long been said to be of Lincoln and Douglas. The carriage in the photograph resembles the one on display at the La Salle County Historical Museum in Utica, which is said to have carried Lincoln to the debate in Ottawa.

Also, standing at the front of the group is a figure who looks strikingly similar to W.H.L. Wallace, the man who had tried to arrange the details of Lincoln’s arrival in Ottawa for the debate and who later as a Brigadier General in the Union Army was killed at the Battle of Shiloh in 1862.

Lloyd Ostendorf knew of the photograph and thought it important enough to include in his survey of all known Lincoln photographs.

Perhaps most important for now, however, is that the elusive original Lincoln-Douglas debate photograph, once regarded as lost, may now be fully examined by Lincoln experts.

The original of this photo is on display at the Marie Louise Olmstead Memorial Museum in Somonauk.


Jul 26, 2018
In this photo of Lincoln at home after a political rally in 1860 Lincoln towers over the crowd. I think he looks shorter in the other photo,


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