US Con COL MOH Phelps, Charles Edward - U.S. Congressman, MD

Charles Edward Phelps


Born: May 1, 1833

Birthplace: Guliford, Vermont

Father: Judge John Phelps 1777 – 1849
(Buried: Green Mount Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland)​

Mother: Almira Hart 1793 – 1884
(Buried: Green Mount Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland)​

Wife: Martha W. Woodward 1839 – 1922
(Buried: Woodlawn Cemetery, Woodlawn, Maryland)​
Married: 1868


USN Captain William Woodward Phelps 1869 – 1938​
(Buried: U.S. Naval Academy Cemetery Annapolis Maryland)​
John Phelps 1873 – 1955​
(Buried: Woodlawn Cemetery Woodlawn Maryland)​
Frank Hart Phelps Sr. 1874 – 1954​
(Buried: Woodlawn Cemetery Woodlawn Maryland)​

Political Party:

1850’s – 1861: Member of Know – Nothing Party
1861 – 1866: Member of Unconditional Union Party
1866 – 1869: Member of Conservative Party


1852: Graduated from Princeton College​
Attended Harvard University Law School​
1907: Received Honorary Doctor of Laws from Princeton University​

Occupation before War:

1855 – 1862: Attorney in Baltimore Maryland​
1860 – 1861: Member of Baltimore Maryland City Council​

Civil War Career:

1861: Major of the Maryland State Guard​
1862 – 1863: Lt. Colonel of 7th​ Maryland Infantry Regiment​
1863 – 1864: Colonel of 7th​ Maryland Infantry Regiment
1864: His horse was killed under him while leading charge at Laurel Hill at Battle of Spotsylvania, Virginia.
1864: Wounded and Captured at the Battle of Spotsylvania, Virginia.​
1864: Rescued by Sheridan’s Cavalry under George Armstrong Custer.​
1864: Honorably discharged due to wounds on September 9th​.​
1865 – 1869: United States Congressman from Maryland​
1865 – 1867: Member of House Militia Committee​
1865 – 1867: Member of House Naval Affairs Committee​

Occupation after War:

1866: Confirmed as Brevet Brig. General to rank from March 13, 1865.​
1867 – 1869: Ranking Member, House Appropriations Committee​
1867 – 1869: Ranking Member House War Department Expenditures Committee​
1869 – 1882: Attorney in Baltimore, Maryland​
Baltimore Maryland Commissioner of Schools​
1882 – 1908: Judge on Supreme Bench for City of Baltimore, Maryland.​
1884 – 1907: Law Professor at University of Maryland​
1898: Awarded Congressional Medal of Honor for duty at Laurel Hill, Virginia on May 8th​, 1864.​

Died: December 27, 1908

Place of Death: Baltimore, Maryland

Age at time of Death: 75 years old

Burial Place: Woodlawn Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland


Medal of Honor Citation​
The President of the United States of America, in the name of Congress, takes pleasure in presenting the Medal of Honor to Colonel Charles Edwards Phelps, United States Army, for extraordinary heroism on 8 May 1864, while serving with 7th Maryland Infantry, in action at Laurel Hill, Virginia. Colonel Phelps rode to the head of the assaulting column, then much broken by severe losses and faltering under the close fire of artillery, placed himself conspicuously in front of the troops, and gallantly rallied and led them to within a few feet of the enemy's works, where he was severely wounded and captured.​
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He was colonel of the 7th Maryland but on that actual day (May 8, 1864) he appears to have been leading the 3rd brigade in the 2nd Division of the 5th Corps. This appears to be his last day of military duty as records indicate he never returned to duty after the Laurel Hill incident.

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