Brass Napoleon Award Pets And The People They Allowed To Hang Around Them

JPK Huson 1863

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Feb 14, 2012
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brass napoleon award.jpg

Just spent the last 30 minutes looking for these. Came to the conclusion a) Far too many photographs, b) do not remember an awful lot of them, it's like being able to entertain oneself. Handy! Still cannot find the entire collection, no idea what I was thinking....

They'll show up. Meanwhile, wish members post would their favorite era ( or kinda ) photo of pet and pet's chosen companion. Never get tired of these. Even regimental mascots were really much-loved pets. You can't fool me- animals who maybe provided some unconditional love and loyalty during a time when all was sudden death appearing from nowhere, not lurking in shadows, rocketing at them out of brilliant sky. And ' love '? At home, ' Home ' being the furtherest thing imaginable from carnage, mud and men torn limb from limb.

Ok, so maybe the camel isn't a house pet but someone love him!







children of meigs.jpg

Meig's children!

city point rufus ingals horse and dog.jpg

You just knew Rufus Ingalls was also a big softy for animals!


One of the circus parades, forget where this one was. This fellow looks extremely well cared for.

cw pets.jpg

cw pets3.jpg

cw pets4.jpg

dog conf soldeir.jpg

There's a rumor that there is only one photograph of a Confederate soldier and his dog? It isn't true. There really are a few, thankfully!



No, pretty sure he's sleeping!

lady brandy officers.jpg
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Oct 9, 2015
Your thread title is fantastic. I often say, "I am owned by a Boston Terrier". He allows me to love him and has me wrapped around his little black toe.

This photo cracked me up. This woman's exhausted face says, "Take it now. He's not going to stay here long." Shortly after the photo was completed, I'll bet that dog ran off to find some garbage to get into.


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As I recall, a servant cooked the hen when no other food was available for a meeting with Lee's staff. Lee did lament the hen's loss and only found out after supper.

Ugh! I know its only a chicken, but I'd be upset had I been Lee. You think someone would've asked permission first!
@JPK Huson 1863,

Thanks for posting these images, cool stuff.
I like this one:


I once read that having a plate made cost between 25¢ and $2.50 - compared to the 'average income' of the times, I'd say that this dog was really adored by it's owner to have a standalone image taken of it.

The images of people WITH their pet seems to be the cost effective way of doing it, ya know?