Period commerce / start of African Slave trade

byron ed

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Mar 22, 2017
Here's a succinct period account of the commercial underpinnings of the first African Slave trade, and the condescending religious support of it.

Excerpt from pg. 326 “History of the United States [with subtitles]” 1851, by Marcius Willson:

“…A French mercantile corporation, established in 1701, with the title of the Assiento Company, had contracted to supply the Spanish American settlements with slaves, in conformity with a treaty between France and Spain, the privileges of this company were now transferred to English merchants, and England engaged to import into Spanish America, within thirty-three years, on certain specified terms, one hundred and forty-four thousand negroes, or, as they were called in trade language, Indian pieces. As great profits were anticipated from the trade, Philip V., of Spain, took one quarter of the capital stock of the Company, and Queen Anne reserved to herself another quarter: and thus his most Catholic majesty, and the Protestant defender of the Faith, laying aside their religious and political jealousies, became the greatest slave merchants in Christendom.”
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