Perhaps rare paper with Butler and #28

General Butler

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Nov 16, 2017
Dont think I have ever seen one of these.
This is the Oneida Community paper for June 5, 1862.
The Oneida Community was in effect a commune in upstate NY that believed in perfectionism and communal property.
There were several other locations hut none lasted long. When Oneida collapsed, what was left became the Oneida silverware firm.
But this paper managed to cover my good friend Butler, albeit not on the front page.
Rare perhaps?




major bill

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Aug 25, 2012
Thank you for posting this. So many Civil War era towns had weekly newspapers.


Jun 27, 2017
Southeast Missouri
An interesting old newspaper. I have been to several communes in the Midwest. New Harmony in Indiana, the Amana Colonies in Iowa, some smaller, which were in smaller towns. Warsaw (Twelve Tribes). There are about 48 others in Missouri, mostly recent groups. The Icarians (1848) Cheltenham, Mo. French based utopian socialist movement, ended in 1864; Bethel, Mo., German commune (Wilhelm Keil 1844) the most successful commune in Mo.; St. Patrick's Mo. Irish Catholic town founded in 1833, .It's still going with 114 residents; and Haun's Mill, Mo. Mormon colony 1831-1838, scene of the Haun's Mill Massacre. These are oldest groups in the state. There are more recently 50 communes currently in Missouri.