Pedersoli Springfield 1861 loading help and accesories



When you load a round ball do you put a patch with the Springfield or no?
Also were can I find davide pedersoli accessories for my gun, do any of you know?
Can you use pyrodex with the pedersoli Springfield because it says black powder only? If so how much pyrodex for a 460g minie ball and how much for a round ball?

Thank you guys for all your help im new to this gun and I just got it!

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Feb 20, 2005
South of the North 40
Don't use a round ball, it was designed for a Minnie.
Don't use Pyrodex, use 55-60 grains of FFG black powder.

For all of your black powder needs either link below will do you.

I would suggest a nipple wrench, range rod, worm, ball puller, mop and bore scraper. A tube of bore butter, some gun oil and some patches would not be amiss. A good powder measure is always wise as is a set of good screw drivers.

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